A 4 Day Sacred Retreat Experience

24th to the 27th of April 2027


Because you give so much... And it is time to receive just as much. 


Byron Hinterland | 24th - 27th April 2023


Join Sigrid, Embodiment and Feminine Leadership Master Coach, Mentor, Author and Ceremonialist - on this 4 days, 3 nights immersion retreat on the 24th- 27th April to expand your capacity to RECEIVE, and to reclaim more of your true power.

Because we learn to be really good at giving… And not so often good at receiving. This experience is focused around the concept of “Ayni” or “Sacred Reciprocity”, with the understanding that our whole lives operate from a space of energetic sacred exchange.
It focuses on helping you reclaim your truest essence and allowing it to expand your leadership, relationship, abundance and every other area of your life, from the inside out.

It is time to do things the true feminine way.

In order to give from an aligned and congruent space, we must also be in constant flow of receiving. When we don’t allow ourselves to fully RECEIVE, we aren’t only pushing away the opportunities we deep down desire (for more love, support, spaciousness, abundance, beauty, fun and pleasure to be present in our lives), but we are also often giving from a space of self-neglect, guilt, martyrdom or low self-worth… Which just isn’t the most juicy way to go about it!

This experience is FOR YOU to expand your capacity to let more of life IN, in the most spacious, relaxed and pleasurable way. 

Bringing more self-reverence and enjoyment into your life, and expanding your capacity to also give more powerfully, from a full cup.

Envision this...

You say YES to yourself; pack your bags and drive to a weekend created just for you…
Once you arrive at the Luxury Villa, you are greeted with delicious hot chai, chocolate and flowers, and taken to your private room.

On your bed there’s a personalised welcome box, filled with a selection of luxe products waiting for you.

You have time to unpack your things, have a tour of the villa and meet the other women that are also joining this intimate retreat, before the welcoming circle starts.

From then on, the experience has begun; mornings of breath work and embodiment practices followed by a delicious breakfast spread…

Workshops and experiential activities focused on expanding your ability to receive more of what you want in life, and seeing how good it can really get.

Exquisite, organic (vegan, gluten-free) meals are served three times a day.

There are fresh flowers on every table and the house is filled with areas where teas, gourmet chocolates and other surprises are available for you, all day long.

Being in a space like that, expands you.


The beauty and lushness of the space, the inspiring women surrounding you and all that is done for you throughout the whole retreat.

It all shows you, on an embodied level, what else is possible. How good it can truly be when you say YES to yourself, and expand your capacity to receive!

This experience will nourish, replenish, expand and activate you in a whole new, deeply integrated way.


Join us at RECEIVE Retreat 24th - 27th April 2027

This is for you if...

You are a female entrepreneur, coach, healer or business owner (or aspire to be!).


  • You are an ambitious woman ready to create more spaciousness and pleasure/play in your life.
  • You know there is more ease, softness, connection and flow you can experience... And are ready to gift that to yourself.
  • You desire to embody your feminine essence more fully within yourself, and let it transpire into your relationships, leadership and everything else.
  • You are THAT person; the one that holds space for others, gets shit done and gives so much…
  • You are really good at giving and being there for others… However fully receiving from others or from life itself, is still somewhat a stretch.
  • You easily invest in training, courses, coaching programs or business coaching, but not so easily in simply pouring back into yourself, just because.
  • You know 2022 is a year of expansion… And you are calling in MORE - more abundance, more success, more spaciousness, more beauty, more pleasure, more love! 


  • Perhaps you are simply feeling the call to travel and to take some time for yourself, and go spend a weekend at a lush villa where everything is provided and you can relax, replenish, nourish yourself and have an expansive time connecting with other inspiring women!


Watch what some of the women that said YES to themselves and this experience, are saying about it:

Bek Antonucci | Personal Freedom Coach for Women

Saoirse Connolly | Rebel Mama Mentorship

Angela Louise | Heart Centred Guide & Energy Healer

We'll dive into...

  • Embodiment Practices (these are different every day)
  • Breathwork
  • Somatic Movement and Dance
  • Ancestral feminine archetypes - what they are and how to embody them in your life and leadership/entrepreneurship
  • Understanding the Nervous-System’s role in your ability or inability to receive and create more spaciousness and ease
  • Nervous-System Regulation Practices
  • Cultivating safety, softness and bliss from within
  • Expanding your somatic capacity to receive!
  • Experiential Sensory Practices
  • Sound Healing
  • Sacred Reciprocity
  • Upgrading your life daily
  • Integrating play and pleasure into your life, in a way that works for and feels authentic to you

And lots of space to rest, have swims and baths, and dive into enriching conversations while enjoying the villa space.


Watch what some of the women that said YES to themselves and this experience, are saying about it:

Luka Rose | Business & Mindset Coach

Asher Erikson | Energy Medicine Woman

Adrijana Monevska | Banking Management and Herbalism Student

Where it is...

Your 4 day 3 Receive Retreat will be held at the Blue Green Sanctuary a luxury villa located in the Byron Hinterland.


Prices are all inclusive and per person. | Payment plan options available. 

Luxe Room

Treat yourself to a little more luxury these spacious rooms feature their own private balconies, ensuite, and a hand built tub.

$3197 USD Full Payment
3x $1117 USD Payment Plan


with one other woman:


$2417 USD Full Payment
3x $848 USD Payment Plan

Premium Room

Double bed or king bed option, first in first served. Shared bathroom and living facilities with hand built bathtubs to use throughout the retreat.


$2597 USD Full Payment
3x $907 USD Payment Plan


with one other woman:

$2197 USD Full Payment
3x $767 USD Payment Plan

Petite Room

Petite and sweet rooms to share with king single beds, luxe bathrooms with tubs, and shared living facilities.

$1997 USD Full Payment (per person)


3x $707 USD Payment Plan

This is an intimate retreat with very limited spaces.

To APPLY now, fill in the application form and we will send you the booking information.

Meet your Facilitator

My name is Sigrid Tasies and I am a Feminine Embodiment and Leadership Master Coach; a Medicine Woman, Speaker, Author of the book “Intimacy Within”, Host of the top rated Podcast “Sacred Leaders” and Humanitarian.
Or as I like to say, a Liberation Initiator supporting women to LIVE and LEAD from deep embodiment, freedom, abundance and pleasure. 

I support mission-driven entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners to bring more depth to their legacy, live fuller lives and amplify their impact from the inside out, through embodying their deepest truth and alignment.

Through my private and group coaching programs, ceremonial retreats and live experiences, I am known for creating Initiation Containers where I support my clients and students to become the embodiment of their true mission, through doing the deep, inner-work.

I merge a wide variety of coaching and healing tools and modalities, and I’m known for bridging ancient wisdom and modern leadership with a non-bs, deeply compassionate approach.

*Most importantly:*

Learning to soften into my feminine, and embodying both my fierceness and my vulnerability, and learning to receive has been one of my assignments in life. I know well how easy it is to be the strong one and also the giver, doer and pleaser… And I learnt the hard way about the impact that that TRULY has on our beings, and every single aspect of our lives, relationships and leadership. That is why I am so passionate about true Feminine Embodiment.

Because in order to live, lead and give from a space of true alignment, we must learn to embody BOTH fierceness and softness; strength and vulnerability, confidence and humility... And we must learn how to receive just as much as we have learnt how to achieve and give.

Not just that; it is our birthright to do so.
This is how the feminine heart can truly awaken and how we can truly access and embody our divine potential on Earth.

This retreat will be a deep activation into how good it can get, and I can’t wait to share this with you.

Join us at our Byron Retreat

24th - 27th April 2023

See you in Byron!

Terms & Conditions

1. All payments are final and all payment plans are a commitment to pay in full.

2. If you cancel due to COVID restrictions (meaning that your country's borders are legally closed and you cannot travel to Byron Bay, Australia), your full payment will be transferred to a future retreat within 1 year of the scheduled retreat start date.

3. If you test positive for COVID prior to your arrival and have to cancel due to this reason, you will forfeit a deposit amount of $1500 USD of your booking; the rest will be transferred to a future retreat within 1 year of the scheduled retreat start date.

4. If you cancel due to any personal reason up to 30 days prior to the start date of the retreat, you will be eligible for a 50% refund.

5. If you cancel for any personal reason after 23rd of March of 2023, you will forfeit the full amount.

6. If the retreat is cancelled or rescheduled by Sigrid Tasies due to COVID or any other reasons, your full payment will be transferred to a future retreat within 1 year of the scheduled retreat start date.

7. Once your reservation is officially confirmed, there will be no refunds nor transfers.